The venerable Rogers Range is well known within the professional gunfighter community.  RRTX incorporates the Bill Rogers shooting principles, methodologies and techniques as part of their routine training regimen. For decades, this program had been reserved for the top 1% of our nations professionals – until now.

At RRTX, we have developed a program specifically designed to allow students of all skill levels to rapidly become proficient in this unique shooting system. We believe Rogers Range training to be the fundamental skill set required to successfully place rounds quickly and accurately on target in any defensive handgun engagement. This is the driving force behind our yearning to provide this invaluable training to all responsible armed citizens and law enforcement officers willing to make an investment in themselves.

Below are the course dates for 2024

*All classes require a minimum of 9 students and has a maximum of 18*

Refund/Cancellation Policy

*Private classes are available by request. Please Contact us if you are interested in a provate class.*