Mission Critical Ranges

The Mission Critical facility is comprised of over eight unique independent ranges that span 2,300 acres of scenic rolling Texas hills. All of Mission Critical’s ranges can be in use simultaneously.

We have fully AV capable classrooms for up to 50 students, along with onsite lodging for instructors.

Should a unit or group need to lease the entire facility for privacy or security reasons, this can be accomplished with prior coordination

Alpha Range: 

A 500-yard range with berms situated at 100-yard increments. Each berm has been constructed at graduating heights, so as you position yourself on any berm you have full sight of all targets from ground level to full berm height. This Range can be utilized for up to 30 numbered paper targets. Alpha also has 20 individual steel targets ranging in size of IPSC to long-range separated head/torso targets. This range is covered by a 37-zoom PTZ camera, allowing for review and monitoring of the shooters’ technique. Alpha Range is utilized for pistol/carbine and the zeroing-in of long-range guns. This range is within walking distance of the classroom building.

Bravo Range:

A 1000-yard range and is utilized for long-distance carbine instruction, however its main purpose is to be the next step in long-range precision training. The range consists of an enclosed shooting shed with individual shooting benches. The Range includes the ability to confirm your rifle zero at 100 yards. Bravo progresses to a series of full-size long-range steel targets with separate head/torso plates, these targets are set at 400-, 500-, 600-, 700-, 800-, 900-, and 1000-yards allowing multiple shooters to engage simultaneously. Also included with this range is a 50-caliber target located at the 1000-yard berm. The range also contains moving targets which traverse across the range and are remote-controlled, speed can range from three to nine miles an hour, and movement is reversible and may be randomized with regards to direction. This target package can be set up according to instructor needs, currently 600-yards. Bravo contains several wind flag locations to help determine windage through this advanced range.

Charlie Range:

Adjacent to Bravo Range and includes full-size targets like those found on Bravo Range. These targets are located from 300- to 800-yards and allow for the use of terrain to challenge the student at the next level. Charlie can be used in conjunction or separately from Bravo Range.

Delta Range:

Adjacent to Bravo Range and includes unknown distance targets ranging from 300- to 990+-yards. Delta Range is utilized by the instructors as the next phase in comprehending reticle long-range ranging techniques. Range-finders are not allowed on Delta Range. Delta offers a unique training experience so that students can hone their skills at a new level.

Echo Range:

Our more advanced portion of the long-range shooting curricula. A student and spotter are placed at ground level or on an elevated platform, they are given the number of targets to locate, identify and engage within a given timeframe. Speed of engagement and accuracy are emphasized on this range. Echo consists of targets from 120- to 900+-yards. Shooting takes place into and over a valley. Targets are located within the valley and a wooded hillside featuring natural concealment. Echo is an unknown distance range.

Foxtrot Range:

Adjacent to Echo and shooting is achieved from an elevated platform. Targets are between 150- and 900-yards and are placed with concealment as the driving force. Students can practice high-angle and long-distance shooting. Foxtrot is an unknown distance range.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Range:

This range allows the student an opportunity to employ all of the gained knowledge on the other Mission Critical ranges. WTF offers a mile-long visible target and is the culmination of the learning experience at Mission Critical. Although shorter distances are available, the mile shot is a challenge for all long-range shooters to prove their metal. The mile shot is taken from a shooting platform atop of a 5-ton military style truck.

Rogers Range:

The latest addition to the Mission Critical range series is the Rogers Range. This is the finest Rogers range in the U.S. with many unique features no others have. The Rogers Range will quickly expose any faults or deficiencies in your shooting techniques. While the Rogers course might seem challenging, you do not need to be an “advanced” shooter or a high-speed ninja to attend this class. This class will aid you in reaching that level of perfection. This course is unlike any other available pistol training available. Click HERE for more info.


Mission Critical students may use the standard 5.56/2.23 round (non-armor piercing only) and standard 7.62/.308 rounds. When using the Bravo thru WTF Ranges students are allowed the above, and also the larger calibers including the 6.5 Creedmoor, .338 Lapua, .300 Norma, and up to .50-caliber BMG.

Mission Critical, with advanced notice, can arrange the automatic weapons experience for students. Mission Critical also offers extreme terrain for land navigation courses and control element maneuvers.

The closest hotels are available in Gatesville, Texas, which is about a 25-minute drive from the facility. Airport services are available in Killeen, Texas (40 minutes), Austin, Texas (one hour and 45 minutes), and Dallas, Texas (two and a half hours).